News Archive

19.07.2019 - CONNECT2CE feasibility study done by Sistemi Territoriali
CONNECT2CE project partner Sistemi Territoriali finalised feasibility study on the application of the transnational tool on regional/crossborder railway and public transport connections in Veneto.

15.-16.05.2019 - 5th Meeting in Ljubljana
On 15 and 16 May, Connect2CE partners met in Ljubljana, Slovenia, for the 5th time to share their progress and activites.

25.04.2019 - Roundtable on promoting PT in a cross-border dimension
A round table on the theme "Results and challenges of promoting public transport in a cross-border dimension" was held on 18 April, at the CEI headquarters in Trieste.

25.4.2019. - Presentation of the new integrated ticket Trieste-Ljubljana
On 18th April, the presentation of an experimental cross-border single ticket to travel on the vehicles of two public transport operators

18.04.2019. - Integrated ticket is now available
On 18 April 2019, the new experimental cross-border integrated ticket Trieste-Ljubljana will be presented during a dissemination event open to the public.

12.04.2019 - Local dissemination event in Körmend
On 12 April 2019 the Western Hungarian and Eastern Austrian passenger train operator GYSEV/Raaberbahn and KTI Institute for Transport Sciences jointly held a local dissemination event

27.02.2019 - New intermodal service (bus/train)
Project CONNECT2CE – new intermodal service bus/train from Trieste to Lubiana: finalized the agreements to launch the new experimental cross-border integrated ticket.

21.-22.11.2018 - 4th STC meeting in Pilzen
On 21st and 22nd November, Connect2CE partners meet for the 4th time to share their progress and work!

14.11.2018. - Roundtable on cross-border and intermodal connectivity (Trieste)
On 12 November, the Central European Initiative hosted in Trieste a roundtable on strategies of cross-border and intermodal connectivity, a topic addressed by the CONNECT2CE project.

06.11.2018 - Public roundtable in Trieste
On 12 November, a public roundtable will be organized on the premises of CEI-ES in Trieste.

14.06.2018 - 1st pilot action started
The first pilot action that tests the extension of the MICOTRA rail service to Trieste was presented.

08.06.2018 - TNA & TS
Territorial needs assessment & Transnational Studies.

08.06.2018 - Transnational Tools
CONNECT2CE project has implemented a decision support tool.

23.-24.05.2018 - BOLZANO MEETING

25.-27.04.2018 - TEN-T DAYS 2018

15.12.2017 - CONNECT2CE 2nd Steering Committee Meeting
CONNECT2CE partners gathered for the 2nd Steering Committee in Berlin from 29-30 November 2017.

13.02.2018 - Transnational training in Bruxelles
Transnational training - "Enhancing planning capacities of passenger transport system in Central Europe" was held on 13th of February 2018 at Bruxelles.

19.-20.06.2017 - Project Implementation Training
On June 19-20 2017 project implementation training (PIT) provided project management teams with technical support and advice on how to better implement projects. Tips and hints on how to prepare audit trails and progress reports were provided. Moreover, harmonised project branding and explanation on how to work with design templates and project websites were presented.

13.-14.06.2017 - Kick-off meeting
The Kick-off meeting of the CONNECT2CE project took place at the premises of the CEI Executive Secretariat, Project Lead Partner on 13-14 June 2017. During the Kick-off meeting, partners officially launched the implementation of project activities and discussed the procedures and actions to be put into place in the time ahead.