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Here you will find an overview of relevant upcoming events - organised by the programme, our projects or other organisations. If you are interested in documentation from our past events follow the links below.


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EU Sustainable Energy Week

17-21 June 2019

Shape Europe´s energy future and join the European Sustainable Energy Week #EUSEW2019! 

#cooperationiscentral to increase the use of renewable energies and improving energy efficiency in central Europe. Our #Interreg projects contribute to enhancing the knowledge and skills taking energy-efficient management forward. They develop and implement low-carbon strategies and actions targeted at challenges central Europe is facing in energy production and consumption.

Our low carbon cooperation actions will be showcased in the EUSEW Policy Conference in Brussels, taking place between 18-20 June 2019. Visit us and our projects at the #MadeWithInterreg stand there. Together, we can spread awareness of how to use energy more sustainably in the future!

In addition, our programme and projects will actively contribute to joint sessions on 19 June,  14.00 - 15.30:  

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World Cafe in Italy

What is the change we want to generate with our social initiatives? How to give added value to initiatives and projects? How to fight social exclusion? The Italian World Café will discuss this and more! If you are interested in impact assessment and want to discuss it with a pluralities of actors working on social policies and social innovation, join the Italian World Café on Monday 17/06 in Sassuolo.
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3rd Forget Heritage Project Information Day in Slovenia

PRESENTATION OF THE WRITERS’ HUB MODEL and THE WEB APP “OFFSPACES”The 3rd Slovene Forget Heritage Project Information Day will be held in Ljubljana on 18th June 2019. It will be dedicated to the presentation of the Writers’ Hub for Vodnik’s heritage preservation model and of the Web App “OffSpaces”. Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region (RRA LUR) and Divja misel, Manager of Vodnik’s Homestead and Pilot Manager of the Writers’ Hub, were working closely with the City of Ljubljana, the owner of the cultural heritage building, in setting up the new coworking space. In August 2018 the coworking space was ready to receive its first residents. RRA LUR acquired funding under the Forget Heritage project for partial renovation of the space and for the implementation of a 1-year support program in the field of literature.At LID-3 the Pilot Manager and RRA LUR are going to present the whole process of establishing of the Writers’ Hub, a model for good cooperation between the public and the private sector, what kind of investment was needed to make the space come to life and attract young people (15-29 years old), what are the recommendations of everyone involved in this successful story.Functioning of the web application "OffSpaces" will also be presented. The Web App is one of the tools for involving cultural-creative communities, initiatives and citizens in the historical sites’ enhancement. It is a newly established register of empty and/or under-used buildings of cultural heritage in public or private ownership and connecting them with potential CCI operators and citizens. If one wants to open a cultural heritage to the public or give it new content, one will be able to receive: new ideas and initiatives, content and programme, potential (new) managers of the building, and thus the potential financial resources for the program, building management and maintenance.More information:1) About the Forget Heritage project, pilot project Writers' Hub and Web App »OffSpaces«:Nataša Mršol, Project Manager, natasa.mrsol@rralur.si, http://www.rralur.si/sl/projekti/forget-heritage,  Project Forget Heritage. Welcome to visit  Forget Heritage/Facebook and Twitter.2) About Vodnik Homestead and setting up of the Writers' Hub:Tina Popovič, Manager of  Vodnik Homestead and of Ljubljana: UNESCO City of Literature programme, tina.popovic@divjamisel.org, Facebook/Vodnikova domačija3) Administrator of the Web App »OffSpaces« in Slovenia:ASSOCIATION PUNKT CC, social enterprise, on its behalf: Tadeja Bučar, Creative Manager, tadeja©punkt-cc.org      18th June 2019, Vodnik’s HomesteadVodnikova cesta 65, Ljubljana

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Project Implementation Training

19 June 2019

The project implementation training is targeted at project management teams: lead partners, project and finance managers of the approved third call Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE projects. 

It will provide them with technical support and advice on how to better implement their projects just starting in spring 2019. They will learn more about how to prepare the audit trails, progress reports and receive other useful tips for running their transnational cooperation projects. 


FIRECE: Steering and Technical Committee Meeting

Brussels, 19th - 20th June 2019

The upcoming Firece Steering and Technical Committee Meeting will also take place in the frame of the EU Sustainable Energy Week. Find more information in the agenda.

CONNAT AT-CZ Project Meeting  


During the meeting at National Park Thayatal Information Centre MaGICLandscapes project partners University of Vienna and VÚKOZ - Research Institute for Landscape and Ornamental Gardening in Brno, will give interesting inputs to and share knowledge with the project partners of the cross-border project Connecting Nature AT-CZ. Ass.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Wrbka from the Department of Conservation Biology, Vegetation and Landscape Ecology (University of Vienna) will speak about the concept of green infrastructure on transnational and zoom in to the local biotope network. Dr. Hana Skokanová and her VÚKOZ colleague Marek Havlíček will provide an insight to landscape structure changes during the last two centuries in the Czech Republic.


EU Brokerage Event on KETs NMBP - Call 2020 & 360°

3 Events in one day, Sign-up...

7th Edition and French-German co-organisation …
The National Contact Points (NCPs) Network and Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) of Grand E-nov in collaboration with Enterprise Europe Network Rheinland-Pfalz co-organise the 7th edition of KETs' EU Brokerage Event

Mainly dedicated to the Key Enabling Technologies in NMBP, the event will target the following thematic fields:

  • Nanotechnologies and Advanced Materials
  • Biotechnologies
  • Advanced manufacturing and processing 
  • Energy efficiency in Buildings (EeB)
  • Factories of the Future (FoF)
  • Sustainable process industries (SPIRE)
  • Open Innnovation Test Beds (OITB)

MaGICLandscapes Symposium at IALE World Congress 

Implementing the Green Infrastructure Approach in Central Europe and beyond

The IALE 2019, the World Conference of Landscape Ecology, takes place in Milano. The topic of the international event is "Nature and society facing the Anthropocene: challenges and perspectives for landscape ecology".

MaGICLandscapes will have an own symposium called "Implementing the Green Infrastructure Approach in Central Europe and beyond" on 4th July 2019. More information about the contents of the symposium and organisers you can find HERE.


AESOP Congress 2019


This year's AESOP* Annual Congress invites scholars and practitioners to present and discuss case studies of cities and projects that have engaged in meeting challenging situations – supporting transitions in urban contexts. Specifically, it is aimed at offering an understanding of the forms of knowledge, concepts, tools, and skills needed to plan and address transition in times of rapid climate and societal changes. Furthermore, it seeks to explore whether (and how) managing such changes has brought any overall reconsideration of the city design model and towards more general institutional reconfigurations.

MaGICLandscapes will be presented by representatives of project partner Città Metropolitana di Torino in the special session "Planning and Designing Green Infrastructures."


*Association of European Schools of Planning 

5th Heritage Forum of Central Europe


The aim of the 5th edition of the Heritage Forum of Central Europe, to be held on 19–20 September 2019 at the International Cultural Centre in Krakow, is to discuss and analyse the links and mutual dependencies between heritage and environment, both material and socio-cultural. MaGICLandscapes project partner VÚKOZ from Brno will held a presentation "Heritage expressed by historical landscape structures and its contribution to green infrastructure".


7th Partner meeting and Steering Group

25. - 26. September 2019, Budweis, Czech Republic

More Information will follow soon...

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European Week of Regions and Cities

7-10 October 2019

The European Week of Regions and Cities (#EURegionsWeek) is an annual Brussels-based event in which officials from regional and urban administrations, as well as experts and academics, exchange good practices and know-how in the field of regional and urban development.


#cooperationiscentral for European regions and cities

We believe that #cooperationiscentral to make regions and cities more attractive and we will be part of the #EURegionsWeek! Our Idea Lab workshops will be discussing cooperation achievements and challenging the debate on the  future Interreg cooperation in our programme area as well as on the broader European scale.

This year, the European regions, cities and their stakeholders are asking themselves about what kind of cooperation and in which areas is needed. We, at CENTRAL EUROPE have asked experts to analyse territorial challenges, needs and potentials of transnational cooperation in this functional area. In our Idea lab session, practitioners and policy makers will share their views and ideas on future orientation of the programme.

Stay tuned for the agenda and more details at the EURegionsWeek website.